Changing Negatives To Positives

Changing Negatives to Positives

Many of the traits we find to be challenging in our young children are the same traits that will serve them well and be of value as adults. Here is a quick exercise to change the way we view our children.

Step 1- Create a list of all the negative labels you may use to describe your child (i.e. Bossy, Resistant, Stubborn...)

Step 2- Now transform this list into a new one using a positive label instead of a negative one.

Here is a Sample-

  1. Whiny- Expressive
  2. Rebellious- Independent
  3. Manipulative or Conniving- Problem Solver
  4. Temperamental or Moody- Whimsical
  5. Head Strong or Obstinate- Not Easily Swayed By Others

Step 3- Once you have finished your list please take a moment to reflect upon your feelings and Emotions. How did you feel when you were listing negative traits? Did this make you feel loving or supportive of your child? Now review the list of positive traits. Did you envision your child in a more nurturing and loving way? By helping to develop these traits into strengths we are laying the foundation for successful and confident adults.

Children's identities and sense of self are forming during these important years. Imagine the potential they could unleash by simply being exposed to a more supportive and productive way of describing themselves.

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