Fees Not Covered By Insurance

Fees Not Covered by Insurance:

There is an additional charge for services required outside of a typical therapy session. This would include but is not limited to additional reports or summaries. Fees may vary depending on the time required to complete. Social Security Disability, Disability Claim Forms and FMLA paperwork all require a time commitment and detailed commitment to complete. Surgery Evaluations, Short and Long Term Disability forms and treatment Summaries for Attorney’s and Schools all require fees to be paid prior to initiation of paperwork. Phone consultations with Attorneys and Disability Staff also require a fee to be paid in advance. Disability paperwork requires 2-3 visits to best assess client’s needs. There is no charge for telephone consultations to other mental Health professionals, physicians or educators. Claim forms are a one-time fee 120.00 depending on time duration involved. Phone consults with Attorneys and other professionals are charged 120.00 per hour with a one hour minimum.